How To Know If You Need A DWI Lawyer

November 9, 2022


You have just been pulled over by police, and the officer asks you to step out of the car.  He thinks you may be intoxicated, so you are asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. Even though you have only had a few drinks, the breath test results show your blood alcohol content level is 0.08%. The police officer arrests you for driving while intoxicated. You are taken to booking and placed in a jail cell.

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Why Hire An Experienced DWI Lawyer

Should you get a lawyer for a DWI? The answer is yes! An experienced DWI lawyer can provide you with answers to the many questions you are sure to have regarding your DWI charge. A seasoned lawyer will be able to tell you what the process will look like from your initial hearing in court to potential plea-bargaining or trial. It takes an experienced DWI attorney to fully explain all of your legal options. A truly skilled DWI lawyer can spot any police mistake or misconduct that violates your rights and can use that information to help you avoid a conviction. And if your case actually goes to a trial, you will need an aggressive, experienced advocate to defend you.

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DWI Penalties

In New York, a DWI charge means that a motor vehicle operator has blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% or more.  With that level BAC, a driver is considered legally intoxicated, or drunk.  Evidence is needed to prove a driver’s intoxication. This evidence can include results from a breathalyzer test, a blood or urine test, or other evidence such as an arresting officer’s observations. A lot of these types of evidence, particularly breathalyzer tests, can be faulty and lead to erroneous BAC level results. That is, sometimes the evidence gathered against a driver can actually be inaccurate, which could lead to an improper conviction.

In New York, a driver convicted of a first-time DWI will face the following penalties:

Up to 1 year in jail
A maximum fine of $1,000
A surcharge of $400
A minimum of a 6-month license revocation
Required installation/maintenance of ignition interlock device for 1 year

Penalties for a DWI conviction can be harsh, and increase with future convictions. With your freedom potentially on the line, it is essential to call an experienced DWI attorney to defend you.

How to Find A Quality DWI Lawyer

To fight a DWI charge, you will need an experienced lawyer who understands the law and the system.  Our lawyers meet those qualifications because we solely focus on DWI defense. We aggressively represent every client and zealously defend your rights. Other attorneys may struggle to properly represent you because they are focusing on other types of cases.

With the DWI GUYs Team, you will benefit from our focus on your case and this particular area of the law. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to determine whether the police or anyone else have violated your rights. We will use the law and our years of practice to help you avoid conviction. The DWI Team has helped thousands of New York drivers facing DWI and similar driving charges, such as DWAI, Aggravated DWI, and chemical test refusal charges. Contact us today; we can help you, too.

DISCLAIMER: The exclusive purpose of this article is educational and it is not intended as either legal advice or a general solution to any specific legal problem.  Corporate offices for The DWI GUYS are located at 231 Walton Street, Syracuse, New York 13202; Telephone No.: 1-877-704-9991.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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