Our Team

A team of DWI focused professionals that are trained to help clients work towards their desired results.

We bring you more than just an attorney. You get a defense team.

A team that consists of attorneys, counsel attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, interns, and advocates. We give good people the defense plan they need to navigate the legal consequences of their charge and keep their life moving forward.

Joanne Arndt-Coe, Senior Paralegal

Joanne Arndt-Coe

Senior Legal Assistant

Jennifer Bison, Senior Paralegal

Jennifer Bisson

Senior Paralegal

Jake Buckland, of Counsel Attorney

Jake Buckland

Of Counsel Attorney

Jovanna Buckley

Javonna Buckley


Madelyn Cittadino

Madelyn Cittadino

Law Clerk

mackenzie fox

Mackenzie Fox

Digital Marketing Manager

Jeff Franceschelli, Client Advocate

Jeff Franceschelli

Client Advocate

Andrew T. Geisler, Associate Attorney

Andrew T. Geisler

Associate Attorney

David Gervais, of Counsel Attorney

David Gervais

Of Counsel Attorney

Rowan Goodman headshot

Rowan Goodman

Client Advocate

Scott Gouldie, of Counsel Attorney

Scott Gouldie

Of Counsel Attorney

Ralph Habib, Senior Attorney

Ralph Habib

Senior Attorney

Krystal Harrington, Senior Attorney

Krystal Harrington

Senior Attorney

Randall Inniss, of Counsel Attorney

Randall Inniss

Of Counsel Attorney

Kevin Kelly, of Counsel Attorney

Kevin Kelly

Of Counsel Attorney

Sean P. Kelly, of Counsel Attorney

Sean P. Kelly

Of Counsel Attorney

Sean D. Kelsey, Chief Operating Officer

Sean D. Kelsey

Chief Executive Officer

Justin M. Lange, Law Clerk

Justin M. Lange


Megan Luton

Megan Luton

AR/Billing Clerk

Sydney Maiman, Paralegal

Sydney Maiman


James R. Maloney, of Counsel Attorney

James R. Maloney

Of Counsel Attorney

Karl Manne, of Counsel Attorney

Karl Manne

Of Counsel Attorney

Amanda Mead

Amanda Mead

Paralegal Non-Criminal

Maria Morse, Senior Attorney - Family/Matrimonial

Maria Morse

Attorney – Family/Matrimonial

Dennis J. Nave, Managing Partner

Dennis J. Nave

Managing Partner

Thomas Pickering, of Counsel Attorney

Thomas Pickering

Of Counsel Attorney

Matthew Porter of Counsel Attorney

Matthew Porter

Of Counsel Attorney

William Reddy, Of Counsel Attorney

William Reddy

Of Counsel Attorney

David Rynkowski, of Counsel Attorney

David Rynkowski

Of Counsel Attorney

Sean Scullion, Client Advocate

Sean Scullion

Senior Client Advocate

Alexander Serles, Of Counsel Attorney

Alexander Serles

Of Counsel Attorney

Aimée L. Tarin, Firm Administrator

Aimée L. Tarin

Firm Administrator

Ryan Wiehl

Ryan Wiehl

Legal Advocate

Adam Willman, Of Counsel Attorneyt

Adam Willman

Of Counsel Attorney

Maria Young, Paralegal

Maria Young


Heather Youngman, Senior Attorney - Family/Matrimonial

Heather Youngman

Senior Attorney – Family/Matrimonial

Joeseph Zollo

Client Advocate

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